Saturday, 30 March 2013

Bangash FB Hacker V2.0

Hi Friends, Today I am posting about 'Bangash FB Hacker Software'. Most of users email me to send me the fb hacker software. We develop new version of FB Hacker (V2.0). All the method to hack account is same as I post in my previous FB Hacker post and if you want to read that then go Click here
In this post I am not posting about how to hack but I will only show how to get the new version of software.

To Learn about how to hack account: How to Hack FB 


1) Goto Request FB Hacker V2.0 

2) You see a website that containing form. Fill the form and Click on Submit button.
Note: Please enter your correct email otherwise you can't get software. Also your hacked facebook id and password will be send to your email.

 3) Within three days we will send your software to your email.

4) You can also check your software status that we send it to you or not by just click on 'Check Your Request'

Note: Now we are sending the software , if you request for it then check your mail (also check your spam folder because it's is automatic email. ).